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Workshops March 2022

I'm offering the following Yoga workshops during March:

Friday 11th March 9:30-12:30

Sarvangasana and opening sushumna

In this workshop we will work towards sarvangasana, the shoulder-stand. Performed unaware and unprepared this posture could strain the neck and compress the spine. You will learn to avoid those possible problems by creating space in the spinal region, bring it to life. A well performed sarvangasana brings health and freedom of pain to the spine. Experience how an opened and aware spinal region, an alive sushumna, deepens the inner focus, slows the breath and creates a beautiful spacious sensation, sukha, in the body.

Saturday 26th March 9:30-12:30

Moksha, final liberation, HYP 4,15

Moksha is described in the classical texts as the big goal of Yoga, which is often either seen as unachievable or a myth. We will base the workshop on a verse from the Hatha Yoga Pradipika chapter 4, 15: “How is it possible to gain insight, jnana, as long as Prana is moving and the mind, manas, is not dead? Only those who make mind and prana quiescent obtain liberation, moksha.”

Working with asana, breath and mind control we try to recognise that mind, ego and breath is in the way of insight. We will work to understand the necessity to reach a still place of beauty in order to free from all ties.

Each workshop costs £25; Venue: Gift of India Yoga Cabin, Exmouth or join on Zoom

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