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Angela Ashwin

Angela has over 40 years of Yoga experience, has taught yoga for 30 years, and delivered 500+hours of training courses over 20 years for the British Wheel of Yoga.


Angela teaches Yoga and Meditation holistically, unifying  Yoga philosophy into physical movement and breathing. 


Her take is teaching the spiritual meaning of yoga, as portrayed in the original texts. Angela is specialist on the original Indian Yoga heritage and knows Sanskrit. She is a scholar and a dedicated practitioner teaching the old Indian wisdom on the mat.

Angela has a degree in theology & philosophy, a GCSE in Sanskrit and is in the end stages of writing a book about Yoga history and philosophy. Angela is a registered Diploma Course Tutor with the British Wheel of Yoga.

"Yoga is the strongest line through my life, my way to understand this universe, the way to structure my day, the way that keeps me well and healthy, the way I brought up my kids, my guide to human relationships the path to deeper spiritual opening and happiness, thank God for Yoga."

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'When the yoga practice is performed in its right spirit, an inner infinite core is discovered and the whole universe ceases to be perceived in opposites.'

- Patanjali 2, 46-47

35 years of Yoga Practice

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