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The Gift of India Yoga School

Join the authentic Yoga Community

Founded in 2021, the Gift of India Yoga School has several teachers covering most parts of Devon and Dorset. Teacher training courses are of the highest standard and are commended by recognised Yoga organisations.

Angela has trained nearly 100 Yoga teachers over six courses. Eight of these Yoga teachers are now members of the school. The school is based at the Yoga Cabin in Exmouth, but our teachers cover most parts of Devon and Dorset

However, an advantage of the online world means anyone can join via Zoom and link into our teachings.

Yoga Cabin Inside.jpg

The gift of India school offers:


  • Weekly classes in different locations by different teachers

  • Speciality classes such as chair yoga, pregnancy yoga

  • One to one yoga tuition

  • Foundation Training, which can lead to teacher training

  • Yoga teacher training (a 500 hour, level 4 course, over three years)

  • CPD training for the teachers of the School as well as for other yoga teachers

  • Training teacher trainers, Yoga teachers of the school can be trained to teach parts and modules of the teacher training courses

  • Meditation courses

  • Chanting groups

We base our activities on the four As: 


  • Ambition: We want to be and to become good yoga teachers

  • Aspiration: We aim to become “good people” by following the yoga principles and to minimise our Ego-tendencies. We want to pass these aims on to our students.

  • Authenticity: We stay individuals with our own history and potential. Students should not become clones of their teachers but are encouraged to develop their individual styles. 

  • Attitude: As teachers, we will work in the attitude of Seva, selfless service. We are all a part of a greater whole. We will act in service to the welfare of all, by sharing the teachings of Yoga principles.

''We take pride in our non-hierarchical ethos. All teachers and students have the same say. We support each other, accept, and share. No one is left alone with a frightening task. We teach and train each other.''
- Angela Ashwin: Founder and Senior Yoga Teacher

Join us.

The school is based on the Indian heritage and the practice of the eight limbs. We aim to integrate Indian philosophy into Western society, to enable you to live in a more yogic way. 


The relationship between the participants, teachers, and students of the school is based on the Yamas, the first limb of Patanjali’s Yoga. All participants are dedicated to a life following the Yoga principles and work on a yogic transformation for themselves and for the people they teach.

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