Yoga Teacher Training

BWY teacher training Diploma courses in the SW of UK

Teacher training with Angela

I offer the following British Wheel of Yoga, Level 4, Diploma Course in Yoga Teaching:

Angela's next Teacher Training Diploma course starts in January 2022 in central Exeter. For the Diploma course, suitable applicants should either hold a Foundation course certificate or are willing to attend an short intensive foundation training with me in a small group before the course starts.

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Why train with the British Wheel of Yoga?

The BWY is the oldest and largest yoga organisation in the country, it has been running for over 50 years.  It was recognised by the CCPR  (Central Council of Physical Recreation) as the governing body for Yoga in the UK. The only yoga teacher training qualifications which are recognised in this country are those from the BWY and those which are accredited by the BWY.
Our teacher training course has been devised many years ago and is regularly revised and improved.  Many experts over the last few decades have helped to create a high profile qualification that combines old Indian knowledge with modern anatomy and educational methods.
We frequently have people enrolling on our Diploma course who have done a yoga teacher training with another organisation already and want to raise the standard of their skills and knowledge up to that of the BWY. One of these students wrote at the end of one of my courses: "I had already done a teacher training course, but the BWY course and the way Angela teaches it took me so much further"
Being a BWY Diploma holder opens the doors to extensive further training. The BWY offers plenty of post-Diploma modules, as well as training for Foundation course tutor and Diploma course tutor.

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Why Train with Angela?

I trained as a Diploma course tutor with the BWY 20 years ago and have since then taught the course six times. Each of these courses was a learning curve for me and I feel that I can  now offer a high quality training. My students learn to connect modern anatomy with ancient Indian philosophy, of which I have particular expertise:  I have a university degree in theology and philosophy. I am regularly teaching "In Service Training" days and CPD events for the BWY about all over the country. I am also offering post diploma modules for teachers on "Integrating philosophy into class teaching".
The BWY course offers detailed knowledge in anatomy,  lesson planning and teaching skills, all Yoga practices and the philosophical texts. Students in my courses learn how to understand the philosophical texts as practice manuals and how to apply the philosophy on their mats and in their classes.