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Yoga Teacher Training and CPD

The Gift of India Yoga School offers in-depth training for those who wish to partake in an authentic training experience. Training underpinned by yogic philosophy and delivered by a practitioner with unsurpassed experience. Angela has previously run six British Wheel of Yoga Level 4 (Diploma) Courses in Yoga Teaching. The Gift of India courses are run at the same level, with extra emphasis on the integration of the philosophical elements in the practice.


Teacher Training and further training is now offered as Individual tailored Yoga Apprenticeships


Finding teacher training and further training events in Yoga is always difficult as the courses you look at might not be:

  • at the right time for you

  • not your desired length of time

  • not really the topic you are looking for

  • too basic or too advanced

  • not matched to your individual need

That is why I am setting up an individual apprenticeship scheme.


The apprenticeship scheme can be attended either life or on zoom


How would this look like:

  • You choose a topic and we decide on a time frame, the number of month.

  • We sign a contract for the agreed time span and you set up a standing order of £150 per month, the fee covers half a day one to one tuition per month, life or zoom, plenty of material, a set assignment, marking for the assignment and half price for workshops.

  • In a preliminary one to one meeting we discuss what you already know and what you goal is; this enables me to set up an individual plan for you.

  • I will want you you join one of my weekly classes life or zoom, which is not included in the price. I will try to cover your topic as good as possible in the classes as well as in workshop. 

      I found learners get confused joining weekly classes with another teacher during a course. 

  • The apprenticeship can be paused if one of us is away and terminated with three month notice.

  • A certificate from the “Gift of India Yoga School” will be issued



Possible topics are: 

  • Teaching skills

  • Asana practice as instructed in the Indian tradition

  • Move beyond your limitations

  • How to teach asana more effectively

  • Pranayama as instructed in the Hatha tradition

  • Mudras and Bandhas

  • Patanjali in theory and practice

  • Hatha Yoga Pradipika

  • Bhagavad Gita

  • Upanishads

  • Meditation

  • Yoga History

  • The bases of the Yoga philosophy

  • Enlightenment, what it really is and how to get there

  • Basics of Sanskrit

  • any other




Angela also offers continuing professional development (CPD) training days for qualified Yoga teachers around the UK. 

 CPD is essential for any qualified Yoga teacher as it demonstrates your commitment to the constant process of self-improvement. CPD ensures that you continue to be competent and confident in your practice. CPD to add value to you as a teacher. Teaching you new insights that are of practical use in your teaching. The aim is to deepen and broaden your knowledge to make you a more effective teacher. Angela will discuss with you your requirements either in groups or individuals around what you wish to explore. Examples include ‘integrating Yoga philosophy into teaching practice,’ or ‘the correct understanding of pranayama, mudras and bandhas.'

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Why Train with Angela?

  • Angela trained as a Diploma course tutor with the BWY and delivered diploma courses multiple times. She has also taught as a Trainer PRO with Yoga Alliance Professionals.

  • Angela has studied the old Yoga scriptures for decades and has also learned Sanskrit.

  • People training with Angela report gaining lot of knowledge and skills, discovering what the "real Yoga" is and developing on a personal level; see testimonies.

  • You will be taught how to understand philosophical texts and practice manuals and how to apply this to your mat and your classes.

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