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The beauty of yoga lies in the possibility to transform oneself holistically. 

The body is opened, the energies are unblocked, the mind is stilled, the Ego dismantled and the spirit is reached. 

The goal is liberation and inner freedom.
Ready to achieve your full Yoga potential?
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Classes and one-to-one

Yoga students frequently discover the disappearance of aches and chronic ailments, breath and concentration improvement, and a more meaningful life. 


We offer classes in person and via Zoom. Group classes in the Yoga cabin are small, six-person sessions. In-person, Angela can offer gentle posture adjustments and modifications with individual care.


One-to-one classes (for individuals or small groups) are aimed at beginners, advanced students, or those who will benefit from Yoga therapy. These classes give individual care and attention that will allow you to progress to a deeper level of understanding of Yoga and healing.

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Angela Ashwin Yoga offers a series of three-hour Yoga Workshops to a small number of participants, simultaneously to a small group in-person and via Zoom. 


These workshops are delivered Friday and Saturday mornings 9.30 am-12.30 pm. 


An opportunity to enjoy Yoga with like-minded people, these workshops are suitable for experienced students and Yoga teachers. 

If you wish to go deeper into Yoga philosophy, expand your posture work, breathing and concentration to a higher degree, these workshops are for you.


Workshops are typically three hours and must be booked in advance - there is an early bird discount. 


Note that if you are a Yoga teacher, Workshops contribute to your CPD.

Everyone can attend a workshop who has practiced Yoga for a while and has the wish and determination to delve deeper and find out more about the beautiful discipline.


Teacher Training

Yoga teachers are in high demand. More and more people are discovering the psychological, physical, and spiritual benefits of Yoga.  


Are you an individual who wants to bring more to the world? Someone who strives to make it a better place?


Angela’s teacher training can support dedicated individuals on their teacher training journey.


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Foundation Course

The Yoga Foundation course aims to supply the participants with the knowledge and experience of all the yoga practices, their nature, history and text evidence, provide the basis to continue to a Yoga teacher Training or other further paths on the Yoga Journey, to give the participants the clear understanding of what Yoga is and what it is not.


The next Gift of India Foundation Course will start in

2023 in the Gift of India Yoga School Exmouth, in easy reach from the M5. The foundation is a 40 hour course, which will take place over six Sundays, dates TBC.

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CPD and Modules

Angela teaches a number of continuing professional development (CPD) training days for qualified Yoga teachers around the UK. 


CPD is essential for any qualified Yoga teacher as it demonstrates your commitment to the constant process of self-improvement. CPD ensures that you continue to be competent and confident in your practice. 


Further training modules are also available on Yoga philosophy (previously run as a BWY certified module).

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Gift of India School

Angela has trained nearly 100 Yoga teachers over six courses. Eight of these Yoga teachers are now members of the school. The school is based at the Yoga Cabin in Exmouth, but our teachers cover most parts of Devon and Dorset.

The Gift of India Yoga School offers in-depth training for those who wish to partake in an authentic training experience. Training underpinned by yogic philosophy and delivered by a practitioner with outstanding experience.

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