Yoga Services

Classes and one-to-one

Most classes are hybrid: you can book to join at the Yoga Studio, 231a Exeter Road in Exmouth, or to join via Zoom.

I also run entirely in-person classes.

Group classes at the Yoga Studio are all small, with a maximum of six in person and a few remote. Individual care is taken and I adjust the postures, offer modifications and help with difficulties, aches or ailments.

In these classes people feel safe as it is a personal environment, aches and chronic ailments can disappear, breath and concentration improve and life becomes more meaningful.

Yoga at Home


Advanced Yoga workshops

I am offering a series of three-hour Yoga Workshops to a small number of participants, simultaneously to a small group in-person and online via Zoom. These run on Friday mornings and Saturday mornings 9.30am-12.30pm.

The workshops are suitable for experienced students and Yoga teachers. The workshops go deeper into Yoga philosophy, and students get the chance to deepen their posture work, breathing and concentration to a higher degree than in weekly classes. It is also an opportunity to enjoy Yoga with a group of like-minded people. These three-hour workshops are £25 per person and must be booked in advance.

Yoga Mats

Teacher Training

Teacher training courses are available.

I have previously run six British Wheel of Yoga, Level 4, Diploma Course in Yoga Teaching. The next course I plan to run is at a similar level but will be run as:

This is planned to start in March 2022 in the Yoga Studio Exmouth, in easy reach from the M5. Suitable applicants should have two or more years experience of Yoga practice and pre-foundation training is advisable.

To see the syllabus, click here.

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CPD and Modules

CPD training for Yoga teachers

I am teaching a number of continuing professional development (CPD) training days for qualified Yoga teachers around the UK. I am happy to discuss requirements with groups or individuals who want sessions for example on "integrating yoga philosophy into teaching practice".

I also offer further training modules on Yoga. philosophy, previously run as a BWY certified module. 

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Gift of India Yoga School

Read more about the Yoga School, founded in 2021.

The school has trained near to 100 Yoga teachers over six courses. Eight of these Yoga teachers are now members of the School. The school is based at the Yoga Studio in Exmouth, but our teachers cover most parts of Devon and Dorset. 

Yoga Class