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Yoga Workshops

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 Yoga workshops

Angela is offering a series of two/three-hour Yoga Workshops to a small number of participants, simultaneously to a small group in-person and via Zoom.


An opportunity to enjoy Yoga with like-minded people, these workshops are suitable for interested students and Yoga teachers.

If you wish to go deeper into Yoga philosophy, expand your posture work, breathing and concentration to a higher degree, these workshops are for you.


Half-day workshops are £35 for three hours or £55 for a full day (6 hour) workshop. They must be booked in advance.  View terms here.

Note that if you are a Yoga teacher, Workshops contribute to your CPD.  I am happy to take suggestions for future workshops, or to tailor them to particular themes - please contact me in this case.

Everyone can attend a workshop who has practiced Yoga for a while and has the wish and determination to delve deeper and find out more about the beautiful discipline.

Autumn 2023, series of 5 workshops: 

(Friday mornings 9.30-11.30; 29.9; 20.10; 10.11; 8.12; 16.1.24)

Pranayama I, understand Pranayama as instructed and practiced in the old Indian Yoga tradition

Pranayama is not an exercise to improve respiratory health, but expansion of Prana, life within us. pranayama works on a subtler level, the panic body and is clearing obstacles and obstructions. The purpose of pranayama is reaching a transformed, completed, enlightened state:

"When there are obstructions in the nadis (Prana conductors) then Prana (life) cannot  reach sushumna (inner spiritual plane), how can there be unmanibhava (still mind)...Therefore practice purify the nadis" (HYP 2,4-6)

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