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Yoga Workshops

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 Yoga workshops

Angela is offering a series of two/three-hour Yoga Workshops to a small number of participants, simultaneously to a small group in-person and via Zoom.


An opportunity to enjoy Yoga with like-minded people, these workshops are suitable for interested students and Yoga teachers.

If you wish to go deeper into Yoga philosophy, expand your posture work, breathing and concentration to a higher degree, these workshops are for you.


Half-day workshops are £40 for three hours or £60 for a full day (6 hour) workshop. They must be booked in advance.  View terms here.

Note that if you are a Yoga teacher, Workshops contribute to your CPD.  I am happy to take suggestions for future workshops, or to tailor them to particular themes - please contact me in this case.

Everyone can attend a workshop who has practiced Yoga for a while and has the wish and determination to delve deeper and find out more about the beautiful discipline.

Spring 2024: Five Workshops on the Bhagavad Gita: The History, Message, Sanskrit Chanting, Applications to our Practice and Life.

Venue: The Gift of India Yoga School, Exmouth, or zoom

Dates: You can choose either Friday or Saturday mornings from 9.30am-12.30

9th and 10th February

1st and 2nd March

22nd and 23rd March

19th and 20th April

10th and 11th May

cost: £175 for five workshops. You can book individual sessions for £40 each, subject to availability.

You will learn the historic setting of the Gita,  the most beloved Indian composition, the life in India at that time. We will talk about basics of the Sanskrit language and the meter in poetry, pronunciation and principles of Vedic chanting. We will interpret the message of the Gita, see the relevance in our practice, we will spend time on the mat, and the relevance to our life and life in the modern world in particular concerning the abuse of our planet.

The Bhagavad Gita is loved all over the world and has always been from people from all different cultures backgrounds, the Gita is used as a guide and friend; join us and learn to love it too.


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