Class at 231a

Yoga Classes and One-to-One

with Angela Ashwin


Yoga Classes

Most of my classes are hybrid: you can book to join at the Yoga Studio, 231a Exeter Road in Exmouth, or to join via Zoom. I also run entirely in-person classes.

Group classes at the Yoga Studio are all small, with a maximum of six in person and a few remote. In a small group it is possible to work safely, and to give people the best chance to improve their Yoga practice.  Individual care is taken and I adjust the postures, offer modifications and help with difficulties, aches or ailments.

In these classes people feel safe as it is a personal environment, aches and chronic ailments can disappear, breath and concentration improves and life becomes more meaningful.

I like students to commit to regular attendance and because of this students should enroll in advance for a series of classes - I do not run drop-in classes.

Times: All Yoga classes are 90 min. For each half of Autumn Term I will be running the following. Each is a series of 7 classes that you can enroll for. If you need to miss a session and there is availability in another session in the same week I will try and fit you in.

  • Wednesdays 10.00am-11.30 Hybrid Yoga

  • Wednesdays 7.00pm-8.30pm Hybrid Yoga

  • Thursdays 9.00am-10.30am Hybrid Yoga

  • Thurdays 5.30-7.oo pm Hybrid Yoga

Please book any upcoming classes using my on-line store; for classes that have started please contact me directly

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One-to-one Yoga

Through my long experience of practicing and teaching yoga, my qualifications as yoga teacher,  teacher trainer and ongoing further training in all areas of yoga and yoga therapy, I have learned to identify peoples' needs and am able to help them individually. One-to-one classes (for individuals or small groups) can be booked with me for beginners, advanced students, or as Yoga therapy. These classes give individual care and attention that will allow you to progress to a deeper level of understanding of Yoga and healing.

Student who come to me on a one to one basis are often:

  • Those who are very dedicated and want more than a group class can offer them;  often Yoga teachers.

  • People with ailments, chronic aches and disorders.

  • People who feel they would benefit from the flexibility that only individual tuition can offer.

In a one-to-one situation, any age and any ability can be catered for.

There is a charge of £40 an hour session.

If you are interested, do contact me on


Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions for series of Yoga classes:

  • I take bookings for classes in half termly blocks.

  • If you want to join a single class, there is a charge of £12 per session, and this is subject to availability.

  • There is no refund or reduction if students cannot attend one or more sessions of the block. If you need to miss a session and there is availability in another session in the same week I will try and fit you in but this is subject to availability.

  • Please let me know if you cannot attend.

  • Places are not transferable.

Terms and conditions for one-to-one clases:

  • Full payment is expected if a cancellation happens within 24 hours of the arranged time.