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Yoga Classes
& One-to-One

Classes run at various dates and times. Angela also offers one-to-one tuition. 

Workshops, CPD and individual apprenticeships

The workshops are aimed at Yoga teachers and interested/ advanced practitioners.  Apprenticeship gives you the opportunity to train with me.

The venue

231A Exeter Road, Exmouth EX8 3ED

Yoga Recordings and Resources

Get access to recordings to help your Yoga Practice


 ‘It is only when the correct practice is followed for a long time, without interruptions and with a quality of positive attitude and eagerness, that it can succeed.’



If you practice Yoga, you may be overwhelmed by the multitude of teachers, trainers, workshops, classes, online, offline, on mat and off mat.


In Modern Yoga, the true yogic tradition is easily lost, misinterpreted, or disregarded. 


What about Yoga that enlightens you as a person? 


Yoga that improves wellbeing, connects you to your purpose. Together, we can move beyond the poses and embrace the mind, body, and spirit connection.


We offer training programs that delve deep into the history and philosophy of yoga. To enlighten and educate.

40 years of  Yoga experience

Angela Ashwin Yoga & The Gift of India Yoga School - share an ethos encompassing mind, body, and spirit connection. We support you to establish health, happiness, and purpose.


We move beyond the poses, offering a full spectrum of practice. A practice that embeds Yoga philosophy and honours the timeless tradition of Yoga. 


Using our authentic techniques, you can gain insight and vitality. Join a community of students who have experienced positive change and impact in areas they didn't expect. By respecting the rich history and lineages of the Yoga tradition. you will reach new heights in your Yoga practice.


  • Weekly Yoga Classes for beginners, intermediate and advanced students. 

  • One to one sessions 

  • Workshops & Yoga days

  • Foundation courses, further training and teacher training courses


Angela also offers teacher training and CPD to Yoga teachers.  Contact us today to discover more.

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Patanjali 2, 46-47:

''When the yoga practice is performed in its right spirit then an inner infinite core is discovered and the whole universe ceases to be perceived as opposites.''

The Gift Of India Yoga School

Founded in 2021, a school dedicated to embedding the traditional, classical, Indian discipline of Yoga.


We know that the most important aspect of teaching is your personal practice. We offer teachings expanding into deeper limbs in particular the yamas and niyamas and the eight limbs of Patanjali. 


We work with the classical texts and teach our students a holistic transformation of body, mind, and spirit, beyond the poses and stretches.


Our teachers are highly qualified, continuously engaged in training, and share an ethos in supporting people to regain health and wellbeing, to find more purpose in life.

Discover more about the school below, or contact us for more information. 

'Angela's classes are like no other that I've been to. She has an extraordinary depth of knowledge, and she imparts in well-prepared and well thought out sessions. We work with our bodies, our minds and our breath and when I leave I have so much to think about and explore on the mat and off. Wow!! The class sizes are small, which means Angela can focus on each one of us and ensure we are safe in our practice.'

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