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Gift of India Yoga School update

The work on the Yoga cabin in Exmouth is getting on well, and we expect to be able to start using it at the end of January.

All classes and workshops which presently take place in Exmouth Yoga studio will be moving over in a couple of weeks. We will start to set up more classes led by other teachers from The Gift of India Yoga school and other classes.

On the 13th of February, a new teacher training course will start in the Yoga Cabin, the first running in the new school under the umbrella of the Yoga Alliance Professionals.

The course is a 500-hour course running over three years, one Sunday per month, training Yoga teachers in all yoga practices, teaching skills, lesson planning and, according to the mission statement of the Gift of India Yoga School, in the spirit of classical yoga. There is a staggered intake, students can join in late spring, as the first few days will be repeated.

Please visit for full details and prospectus. This year, we hope to connect with the wider yoga community, to those of you who wish to share our Yoga values: a holistic approach to body, mind and spirit that unifies Yoga philosophy. Please follow our pages: LinkedIn Facebook Instagram

for regular updates on workshops, classes and teacher training, as well as news from the Gift of India School.

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1 commentaire

Great first lesson. We are all feeling excited and enthusiastic, may this continue!

Angela has thought of everything and the new space is great.

It is lovely to meet a new group of women to work and share with over the coming years.


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