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Advanced Yoga Workshops 2022 Spring I

Saturday 15. January, 9.30am-12.30

The marichyasana sequence and clearing the inner space from impurities

On this morning we will prepare and attempt the four versions of marichyasana, arm bind postures. Those postures demand a pretty high flexibility and we don’t try to gain this flexibility by stretching our muscles endlessly, but using focus and breath to clear the obstacles that prevent the natural flexibility. When the obstacles, the Hatha Yogis refer to as the “impurities (mala kulasa) in the nadis, are reduced we are not just more flexible, we open a beautiful inner space we can enter. The experience of this inner space shows us where the path of Yoga can take us, to light, freedom from all burdens peace, infinity, enlightenment.

Cost: £25; Venue: Exmouth Yoga Studio or on zoom

Friday 28th January, 9.30am-12.30

Parinama, the transformations Yoga can lead us through, with reference to Patanjali 3, 9-15

Patanjali speaks of thought patterns we are stuck with, samskaras. The most extraordinary experiences can happen to us, but if they do not fit into our thought patterns, then we do not even realise they happen. When recognising the limitations the thought patterns impose on us, we can learn to free from them and transform into a wider experience with less limitations. People from all cultures have reported beautiful experiences, which connected them with truth beyond beyond the expected. Those people have not been extraordinary, they just dropped their expectations. We will work this morning with all our yoga tools, asana, pranayama, mind control to find our mind limitation, drop them and you get pointed out, that the most extraordinary experiences are ordinary.

Cost: £25; Venue: Exmouth Yoga Studio or on zoom

Saturday 5th February, 9.30am 12.30

The Siddhis, what are they, how to gain them? Are they achievable? Patanjali chapter 3

Siddhis are special abilities, everyone can gain special abilities. Patanjali gives us examples and instructions how to gain them. We will explore what those siddhis are and how they could unfold. All that is needed is discipline, tame the mind and the mind has the capability for anything. We might not get to levitate this morning, but hopefully understand that our limitations can be shifted, and recognise that in our own ways we do have our siddhis.

Like usual our exploration takes the form of the common yoga practices, asanas, pranayama and mind control

Cost: £25; Venue: Exmouth Yoga Studio or on zoom

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