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Advanced Yoga Workshops, Autumn 2021

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

Workshop details, Autumn 2021

Friday 24th September:

The Yoga journey is a journey to Self-Realization. We might know this intellectually, but practice is very rarely directed towards that goal. In this workshop we use methods from the Hatha tradition and wisdom form the Raja tradition, mainly Patanjali 4,12- 23) to explore the relationship citta mind) – purusha (consciousness) – vastu (visible objects) to open up the pathway to experience purusha.

Friday 8th October:

A workshop on eka pada raja padatonasana, pigeon; we work on asana refinement and progression. Explore how to access with our awareness the different areas of the spinal region and awaken the energies to experience an all-round transformation.

Saturday 23rd October:

Mudras: we explore what the Hatha texts have to say about mudras, and what they do not say. We will learn to understand the energetic process of the mudras and their nature. We prepare for them and experience their effect and their power.

Booking is now available for a limited number of in-person and virtual spaces for these workshops and will be open until they are filled.

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