Workshop on Prana/Pranayama

Workshop 10am - 4:30pm at Yoga Torquay Studio, 30th Oct 2022

  • 50 British pounds


“When there are impurities (malakulasa) in the nadis, the vayu can’t go into the middle, how can then the state of absence of mind (unmani avastha) occur?” HYP 2,4 The Yoga that worked with Prana and pranayama is Hatha Yoga. The Hatha Yoga tradition got nearly lost and is only recently carefully rediscovered. The way the modern Western Yoga is teaching pranayama is not in line with the Hatha tradition. This workshop will, after a historical overview, be looking at the Sanskrit of some passages of Hatha texts, in the attempt to understand what the Hatha Yogis were teaching. We will follow their instructions to recreate the experience of Prana and the expansion of Prana, which is pranayama. There will be presentations, discussions, practice to expand the Prana by using postures, the breath and, in particular, direct perception to discover an inner subtle reality, the pranamaya kosha. Date: Sunday the 30th October 22 Time: 10.00 - 4.30 Venue: Yoga Torquay Studio, 8 Park Lane, Torquay TQ1 2AL cost £50 Bookings via:

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