Workshop 1st July 2022

3-hour workshop 9:30-12:30 via Zoom or in-person at the Yoga Studio

  • 25 British pounds


The old Yogis tell us that when our practice in asana and pranayama is advancing we will come more and more to places where breath ceases. We don’t hold breath, we drop into a space where breath is not needed, kumbhaka. What is kumbhaka, how does it happen, why should it happen, how to get there and more questions will be explored this morning, through the practice of asana, pranayama and mind control. “There is nothing difficult to obtain in the three worlds, by the competence of kevala kumbhaka all is possible.” (HPY 2,74) This is a repeat of the workshop from 11th June 2022

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  • Yoga Studio, Exeter Road, Exmouth, UK

    01395 224605