Advanced Workshop: Sat 15th Jan (Zoom)

A 3-hour workshop starting 9:30am via Zoom.

  • 25 British pounds


The marichyasana sequence and clearing the inner space from impurities. On this morning we will prepare and attempt the four versions of marichyasana, arm bind postures. Those postures demand pretty high flexibility. But we don’t try to gain this flexibility by stretching our muscles endlessly but using focus and breath to clear the obstacles that prevent natural flexibility. When the obstacles, the Hatha Yogis refer to as the “impurities (mala kulasa) in the nadis, are reduced we are not just more flexible, we open a beautiful inner space we can enter. The experience of this inner space shows us where the path of Yoga can take us, to light, freedom from all burdens peace, infinity, enlightenment.

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