Advanced Workshop 28th Jan (Zoom)

A 3-hour advanced workshop starting 9:30am via Zoom.

  • 25 British pounds


Parinama, the transformations Yoga can lead us through, with reference to Patanjali 3, 9-15. Patanjali speaks of thought patterns we are stuck with, samskaras. The most extraordinary experiences can happen to us, but if they do not fit into our thought patterns, then we do not even realise they happen. When recognising the limitations the thought patterns impose on us, we can learn to free from them and transform them into a wider experience with fewer limitations. People from all cultures have reported beautiful experiences, which connected them with truth beyond the expected. Those people have not been extraordinary, they just dropped their expectations. We will work this morning with all our yoga tools, asana, pranayama, mind control to find our mind limitation, drop them and you get pointed out, that the most extraordinary experiences are ordinary.

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