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Yoga day at Yoga Studio Exmouth, Prana and Pranayama, Saturday, 27th November, 10.00-4.30

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

A further training day for Yoga teachers and interested students with Angela Ashwin

What is prana, what is pranayama? There are so many misconceptions about this topic and breathing is taught in yoga classes with little understanding of the traditional concepts. Yoga students are taught to increase their lung capacity, whilst the yoga tradition states that the aim of pranayama is to stop breathing. Students are taught to associate prana with the air they breathe, whilst the old tradition tells us that prana is the life that enters each being with birth and leaves at death. Yoga students are taught to replenish bodily energies by breathing, whilst prana is experienced by the yogis as an auto-energetic (does not need to be replenished) force, which no scientist has an explanation for. We just need to unblock and then prana will move. Yoga students are taught that pranayama improves their respiratory health and well being, whilst the old tradition teaches pranayama for a transformation, to reach an altered state with higher insight and connection.

In Hatha texts such as the Hatha Yoga Pradipika and Patanjali we can find a phenomenon described that does not fit in the Western worldview. We can't understand prana, we can’t prove prana right or wrong, but by following the old Yogis instructions and we can practice and then an inner subtler reality reveals itself and we know what prana is and how to expand it, pranayama.

** Note: this now takes place in Exmouth, not Lotus Loft, Exeter **

Cost: £50 in the studio, £40 on zoom, book in advance from my website.

Do join me interpreting and practicing the old messages for deeper insight

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