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Diploma course – 2015

Tutor: Angela Ashwin, BWY DCT

Brochure: Follow this link for a brochure about the course.

Tutor: Angela Ashwin, BWY DCT

BWYQ Level 4 Diploma in Teaching Yoga (QCF)

Patanjali 2, 46-47: “When the yoga practice is performed in its right spirit then an inner infinite core is discovered and the whole universe ceases to be perceived in opposites.”

Angela not only teaches the BWY diploma, which is the most complex and refined yoga teacher training in the UK, but she also specializes on teaching the spiritual meaning of yoga, as it is portrayed in the original texts. Students will learn, through the practice of yoga, to experience the body, spirit and the whole universe in a more meaningful way, and learn to share this with others.

All previous students report that this course changed them as a whole person.

Quotes from previous students:

  • “Yoga’s foundations are in those difficult early texts. Angela has the gift for helping students to understand this way of seeing the world which is so different to our own which helps to clarify the intention behind the asana practice.”
  • “Angela is a highly knowledgeable yoga teacher-trainer who I found and still find to be inspiring even after my teacher training has finished with her. She has the ability to teach and share her deep knowledge of ancient, classical and modern yoga philosophy, as well as her clear understanding of the physical body. This deeper teaching linked with the physical aspects, enables you to teach a yoga class in keeping with its true roots of knowledge”
  • “When I first meet Angela, it was for my interview for a position on her teacher training course. I remember telling Angela that “Yoga makes me happy”. Yes Yoga did and still does but now after 2+years of Teacher training with Angela and various weekly classes and workshops during the following years, I have found a deeper meaning of “Happiness”. It is a deeper inner happiness that permeates the whole of my being which leaves a beautiful feeling of peace, calmness and serenity of mind and body. Angela’s teaching combines the Yoga Philosophy with the physical movements and the breath as one, true Yoga. Thank you so much, Angela.”

Course starting date: October 2015, a 3 year course, meeting one Sunday per month 9.30-5.30, including a residential weekend (in the Mandala Yoga Ashram in Wales)

Venue: Lotus Loft, 25 Southernhay East, EX1 1QP, central Exeter.

Content: The course is made up of 3 parts:

  • Part 1 teaches anatomy with an emphasis on the muscular system. Students learn how to analyse classical yoga asanas anatomically and learn how to prepare for them. Lesson planning will be taught and practiced.

How to set up a yoga class and tips on marketing are covered here.

  • Part 2 deals with prana and the energy body. We learn pranayama, mudras and bandhas and study to Hatha Yoga Pradipika in detail.
  • The main topic of Part 3 is mind, meditation and philosophy and Yoga history. The BhagavadGita, the Upanishads and the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali are studied. Students will also learn how to integrate the philosophy into their class teaching.

To join the course:

  • You need to have been taught Yoga for 3 years or longer, and have attended a foundation training of some sort, or be willing to undergo a short and intensive foundation training with Angela prior to the course.

Students from all traditions are welcome.

  • You need to be a member of the BWY and maintain this during the course.
  • You need to attend weekly Yoga classes lead by a BWY teacher (or someone from an accredited group) and maintain this during the course. You should have established the habit of a personal Yoga practice at home for quite some time.

Introduction Day

If you are interested please contact me for an application form.

The next step is to attend an introduction day (£60) for this course; several dates will be on offer. You will be asked to bring a short written summary of your interests and background in Yoga. After the day you can decide whether or not to go ahead with application. For the course.

There will be plenty of time for answering your questions.

The introduction days will take place in Angela’s studio, in a small group, maximum 6 people, which allows time and space to get to know each other and ask questions in a safe environment. You will learn about the content of the course and practice yoga with like-minded people.

To reserve your space on the course you have to pay a non-refundable deposit, which is part of the fee for Part 3.

Fees and costs

  • The total cost of tuition is £4000 for the three Parts:
    • £500 deposit which is half of tuition cost for Part 3 (payable at application)
    • £1800 for Part 1 (payable by the first day of the course)
    • £1200 for Part 2 (payable by the first day of Part 2)
    • £500 remaining payment for Part 3 (payable by the first day of Part 3)
  • Additional costs:
    • Registration with BWY £200 total
    • Membership of BWY (currently £75 per year, includes teaching insurance)
    • Anatomy and physiology on line course £75
    • first aid course
    • Set books, residential weekend
    • Tutor assessment costs (£75 per assessment plus tutor travelling costs)
  • The fees are due at the first meeting of each part

To receive your diploma at the end of the course you have to:

  • Attend at least 80% of the course meetings
  • Produce written work of a suitable standard
  • Give one or two short presentations per Part
  • Undergo two tutor-assessed teaching practices

From the second Part onwards you are expected to start teaching your own classes. Practical help will be offered to set up your own classes.

You need to have access to a computer and sufficient computer skills to submit written work electronically to the tutor.

Structure of the course

  • This is a 500 hour course, 250 hours is for personal study and visiting weekly classes. 250 hours is contact time with the tutor.

The contact time divides into one monthly meetings on Sundays. There is enough time for personal study between the meetings, but they are not spread out to much for the course to lose momentum.

One residential weekend will be held in the Mandala Yoga Ashram in Wales, so that students can experience a yogic Ashram life first hand.

  • Help and feedback will be given throughout the course. Written work and teaching practices are discussed with the tutor. Personal advice and support will be given in between the meeting days whenever necessary, per e-mail, phone or in person.
  • Students are encouraged to develop a personal style. The BWY is not an organisation based on the teachings of one guru. We believe in “Unity in Diversity”. You learn to teach safely and effectively and find your personal way to do this.
  • To ensure the high quality of the teaching the BWY is verifying the course. Written work assessments are checked to ensure the tutors fairness in corrections. A verifier will visit the course twice and offer students support if they ever feel unfairly treated.

Why train with the British Wheel of Yoga?

The BWY is the oldest and largest yoga organisation in the country, it has been running for over 50 years. It was recognised by the CCPR (Central Council of Physical Recreation) as the governing body for Yoga in the UK. The only yoga teacher training qualifications which are recognised in this country are those from the BWY and those which are accredited by the BWY. Currently, the BWY Yoga Teacher Diploma counts as level 4 education.

Our teacher training course was devised many years ago and is regularly revised and improved. Many experts over the last few decades have helped to create a high profile qualification that combines old Indian knowledge with modern anatomy and educational methods.

We frequently have people enrolling on our diploma courses who have done a yoga teacher training with another organisation already and want to raise the standard of their skills and knowledge up to that of the BWY. One such student wrote at the end of one of my courses: “I had already done a teacher training course, but the BWY course and the way Angela teaches it took me so much further.”

Being a BWY diploma holder opens the doors to extensive further training. The BWY offers plenty of post-diploma modules, as well as training for foundation course tutor and diploma course tutor.

Why train with Angela?

I trained as a diploma course tutor with the BWY 15 years ago and have since then taught the course four times, and so can offer a very high quality training. My students learn to connect modern anatomy with ancient Indian philosophy, of which I have particular expertise: I hold a university degree in theology and philosophy.

The BWY course offers detailed knowledge in the Yoga practices as well as the philosophical texts. These two areas are often not connected very well in other courses. However students will learn how to see the philosophical texts as practice manuals and how to apply the philosophy on their mats, and teach it as such.

Below are some quotes from previous diploma course students:

  • “I think the course has been brilliant, I have learnt so much. Angela is a very good tutor and has so much knowledge and is able to pass this on to students; she is helpful, disciplined, but also has softness about her.”
  • “The course has been a great journey, on a personal level and as a yoga teaching journey. It has helped in my transformation to become a more confident teacher and a more aware person.”
  • “I have found the course hard work at times – but the results have worth all the hard work. The times has flown by. Angela is a very dedicated teacher and this shows in her classes. She has truly helped me get through this course with her knowledge and dedication, thank you Angela.”
  • “I have really enjoyed studying with Angela and have found her inspirational. The course is hard work but is so rewarding and takes you into a deep knowledge.”
  • “Angela will always be there for any support during and after the course and is always willing to listen and help with your studies and teaching. Last but not least, Angela’s love and dedication of yoga and teaching is felt from day one. Om Shanthi.”

Do contact me for more details or further queries.