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Yoga Classes

Angela teaches a number of yoga classes suitable for all abilities and experiences of yoga. She sees Yoga as a holistic approach to body, mind and spirit, and aims to unify Yoga philosophy into physical movement and breathing .

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Teacher Training

As a Diploma Course Tutor of the British Wheel of Yoga, Angela teaches accredited courses to prepare yoga teachers for all aspects of their profession.

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One to One

These classes can be booked with Angela, whether for beginners or advanced students. The classes give with individual care and attention that will allow you to progress into a deeper level of understanding of Yoga.

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Other Information

Angela is not only a BWY Diploma holder; she has completed further qualifications including one as a teacher trainer (Diploma Course Tutor) for the BWY as well as a three year training in Buddhist meditation. She has taught three teacher training courses to completion and is presently teaching a fourth. A good number of Yoga teachers in the South West of England gained their qualification studying with Angela.
For the British Wheel of Yoga, she is teaching in-service training days for Diploma teachers. She taught at the National Teachers Training Weeks 2010, 2012 and was one of the tutors at the British Wheel of Yoga National Congress at Warwick in 2011. She acts as an assessor for other Yoga training organizations. Currently she is offering a post-diploma module for BWY teachers on integrating philosophy into Yoga classes.

Angela sees Yoga and Meditation as a holistic approach to body, mind and spirit that unifies Yoga philosophy into physical movement and breathing.